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About Bean Capital

The Company

Bean Capital is a purpose-driven, for-profit company whose goal is to show that businesses can act responsibly and still make decent returns.

We aim to make a real difference at home and abroad while inspiring others to do the same.

The Currency

It's no coincidence that our logo combines the imagery of a coffee bean with a currency symbol.

New businesses need seed capital to get off the ground. Bean Capital is the equivalent for social entrepreneurs. We pass on 10% of the price you pay for your coffee to their projects.

We want our customers to tell us which initiatives to support next. Do you have an idea for your own project? Email us at info@beancapitalcoffee.com to share your ideas.

Our Values


We will treat all our suppliers, customers, employees and project partners with respect. This means paying fair prices for the coffee we buy, as we do through the ShareTrade model. We will always pay our employees at the Real Living Wage or above*.

*The Real Living Wage is calculated by the Living Wage Foundation. It is set at £9 per hour across the UK for everyone aged 18 and above, and £10.55 per hour in London. The calculation is made according to the cost of living, based on a basket of household goods and services. It is significantly higher than the government's £8.21 National Living Wage for those aged 25 and over; and higher still than the Minimum Wage of £7.70 per hour for those aged 21 and over.


Everyone should have equality of opportunity regardless of their background. That's why we support community projects to make a difference in areas close to our customers' hearts. You can drink your coffee knowing that you're supporting people nearby and further afield.


We pack our coffee in biodegradable bags. As we grow we will be looking at other ways we can reduce our environmental impact.


Profits provide incentives for entrepreneurs to create, innovate and add value. We will strive to be profitable and provide decent returns to our investors. We will do this responsibly with regard to our other stakeholders. Purpose-driven companies have a significant contribution to make to our economy and Bean Capital will inspire others to develop new business models. 

Our People

Bean Capital was founded by Andy Evans, a project manager from Milton Keynes. After starting his own community project, he was looking for a way to empower other people to make a difference. He realised that rather than relying on donations, there was a growing movement in ethical consumerism that could benefit social entrepreneurs. With a love of coffee (or is it addiction?) the idea for Bean Capital began to percolate.

Our Future

We will extend our range of coffees in the near future and it is our intention to launch a range of fully-compostable coffee capsules. Beyond coffee we will look to expand into other product ranges in the future where we believe we can offer something new to ethical consumers.